Supplemental Resources

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There’s A LOT of information out there on the internet and things can get overwhelming and confusing.  This page is designed to familiarize you with I-RISE resources, as well as county and state resources.  Our goal is to hopefully reduce the anxiety that accompanies navigating a new country and a new life.

Social Services (State & County)

Find out about the basics of applying for SNAP, Medicaid and other government programs, such as Social Security.  The I-RISE Case Management team can assist you with applications.

Do you speak English?

English Language Acquisition

In addition to our I-RISE ELL team, there are several other ways to supplement learning how to speak English, including online, county college and libraries.

Hiring sign

Job Search Information

Not sure where to start for finding your first job in your new country?  Click on the link below for more information.  Our Employment Services team can help you navigate the path ahead.

U.S./Mexico border

Refugee Status & Documentation

The process for receiving temporary or permanent status in the United States can be confusing and complex.  This page (which also contains Refugee Cash Assistance info) will point you in the right direction.  Please also see the Legal Resources link below.

City bus


Buses, trains and ride shares are typical modes of transport for new arrivals until they can get a driver’s license and afford to own a car.  Click below for more information on how to access these services.


Health & Wellness

Adjusting to a new country can be quite complex, and mental/physical health challenges can make the adjustment even more stressful.  Finding a good doctor or counselor can alleviate some of that uncertainty and anxiety.

Piano Lessons

Parent Resources

Everything from finding child care to tutoring, to after-school enrichment to summer camps are essential for thriving children and peace of mind for parents who work, inside or outside of the home.

Higher education

Legal Resources

Finding free or low-cost legal assistance that you can trust can be challenging and sometimes discouraging.  And knowing your rights is essential to navigating the American legal system.  

Your success is our goal

Career Advancement & Certificate Programs

Find out how you can improve your existing skills and learn new ones to improve your chances of finding meaningful employment and increasing your income.

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