Current Crisis – Ukraine

Dear Interfaith-RISE Community,

Until today I’d been hesitant to ask for financial donations to Interfaith-RISE for Ukrainian refugees, as it seemed the place where funds were needed were in Ukraine itself, and in neighboring countries.  However, we are a refugee resettlement agency, and at noon today President Biden announced that the United States would be receiving 100,000 Ukrainian refugees.  The timeline wasn’t too closely defined (over the next two years), but once a number is stated the wheels start spinning.  

New Jersey has one of the largest Ukrainian populations in the country.  We can expect many people to come.  I expect arrivals will start coming within 30 days. 

Effective immediately we’d like to start raising funds to support Ukrainian refugee resettlement.  You can DONATE online by clicking here.

We anticipate resettling families in the Central New Jersey area as well as in near our South Jersey office in Vineland. 

Peace to you,


Seth Kaper-Dale
CEO, RCHP Affordable Housing Corporation
March 24, 2022

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