Current Crises

There is no shortage of global human suffering – innocent people fleeing war, poverty, hunger and violence.  Here is a snapshot of some of the populations we are assisting.

Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans

In January 2023, the Biden Administration announced a new Parole Program for Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans which will allow up to 30,000 individuals with prior travel authorization to enter into the U.S. each month (Venezuelans have a similar program which began in October, 2022).  These global neighbors, similar to our Afghan and Ukrainian siblings, will have much quicker access to work authorizations.  At the same time, those who enter our borders “illegally” will be met with much harsher border enforcement.

Regardless of how they enter, I-RISE will continue to assist this population of refugees by helping them to gain access to SNAP and Medicaid benefits, English Language Learning, community connections, and employment services.  We understand that flourishing is a basic human right, and leaving our friends to languish in suffering is not an option.


In addition to receiving refugees from around the world, Interfaith RISE responds to emerging crises as they happen. We are currently working to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in New Jersey.

Anyone hosting Ukrainian refugees may call our intake line at 732-357-0590 so we can get more information and help connect them to services.

Additionally, please see these informational flyers from the state of NJ that outline supportive services currently available for Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian Assistance – ENGLISH

Ukrainian Assistance – UKRAINIAN

Ukrainian Assistance – RUSSIAN



We acknowledge the extreme humanitarian crisis that Afghans continue to suffer in their homeland.  I-RISE continues to work with those already here and those who are still to come.

Our sister organization, DIRE Legal, continues to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for I-RISE clients, paving the way for eventual U.S. permanent residency.

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