Client Services

Welcome to the Client Services page!  Please make sure you have made contact with an IRISE case manager before you engage in any of the programs listed on this page by calling 732-357-0590 for a basic assessment, or email

Additionally, please make note of which counties we serve in Central and Southern NJ. Where you reside will determine which agency handles your case.

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Case Management

I-RISE provides an array of wrap-around services to our Refugee Support Services (RSS) populations. Those services include but are not limited to:

  • public benefits access/assistance 
  • medical support/guidance
  • housing assistance
  • financial management 
  • transportation 
  • digital access

Additionally, we provide referrals for all RSS set asides such as:

Employment Services

At IRISE, we believe that stable employment is a crucial component of successful resettlement and integration. Through our Employment Services, we strive to empower refugees and immigrants with the skills, resources, and support necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency, build sustainable futures, and contribute meaningfully to their new communities.  Some of the services we provide include:

  • resume writing 
  • job searching  
  • job application assistance…… 

English Language Learning (ELL)

I-RISE English language instruction includes: in-person and online individualized tutoring and in-person and online English classes for pre-literate to low intermediate English students.  We have a mixed level conversation class and an English for Work class that meet in person.  All online classes are synchronous and done through Zoom.  Online classes focus on English reading literacy and basic vocabulary.  Students who are too far away to come to onsite classes will either be referred to our online English instruction or they may be referred to a community partner organization.  Students may be eligible for a volunteer tutor.   

Preferred Communities

Preferred Communities (PC), provides intensive case management to refugees and other qualifying immigrant groups who need additional support. At Interfaith-RISE, we specialize in medical case management to help refugees move towards stability and self-sufficiency with individualized, comprehensive case management services for up to one year.

The Preferred Communities (PC) program supports refugee populations with challenging needs that require special attention, including those with serious medical conditions, women at risk, and elderly refugees. 

Refugee Cash Assistance

RCA is a program offered under the umbrella of our Refugee Support Services that provides eligible refugees with financial assistance for a maximum of 12 months after arriving in the United States or being released from immigration detention. RCA is available to any refugee, asylee or parolee that is single or married without minor children and is eligible for RSS services. Once connected with our agency and approved, you’ll begin receiving funds starting from the date of initial contact with our agency. 

The goal of the RCA team is to assist with the first year of arrival to the US and to help equip clients with ………

Refugee School Impact

I-RISE works with school-aged clients and their families to ensure students are enrolled in school in a timely fashion;  they have access to academic support outside of the classroom (after school tutoring) as needed;  encourages parents to be engaged in their children’s education (parent orientation); and educates school personnel to be culturally sensitive to clients’ needs. As a result, RSI provides services that improve refugee students’ academic performance, improve their English language acquisition, engage parent participation in school activities, and ensure that school staff is aware of their culture and beliefs (advocating for prayer time, for example). 

Career Pathways

Career Pathways (CP) serves I-RISE clients by helping them to find and enroll in training programs to boost their work and other skills and increase their marketability and, after program completion, to place them in upgraded jobs. CP offers 2 tracks, Career Advancement and Employment Training Program.

Our Career Advancement track assists clients, who are already working, to enroll in training programs leading to in-demand, industry-recognized certification or licensure and, upon completion, to help them land upgraded jobs.  

The Employment Training Program is…..

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Office Locations

Highland Park Office:
19 S. 2nd Ave
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I-RISE South Office:

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